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Do you know the secret to change?

Donna Laitinen

Founder of Evoke Change Center.  Hope to Real Help.  We advocate for Autism Awareness.  Our purpose is to awaken compassion in our world, thorough behavior change, professional speaking, corporate wellness training, and joint ventures to make a difference to positively influence and eminent change through awareness and compassion globally.  

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Unconventional Solutions for

Parents of

Children on the Autism Spectrum


Today, we have never felt more grateful for life than we feel right now.  We encourage you to consider how you can live so that your inner beliefs and outer actions are in alignment. The ideas that nature and inspire our heart are important, but the actions that transform hesitation, fear and doubt into boldness, trust and confidence are essential to bring those ideas to life!

Let’s begin….

How to Evoke Change in Your Life 

If you’re in this limiting space, learn the secret to change and let life carry you rather than you carry it!

How to Evoke Change in Your Life

  • They have trouble letting down their DEFENSE SHIELDS
  • Many feel EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE or unexpressive
  • They have triggers that invoke past memories that keep being RETRAUMIZED
  • They don’t know why they connect or disconnect with themselves or others
  • People continue to battle to reclaim their power from poor mental conditioning and unproductive habits.
  • People struggle with laying their burdens down and raising their voice
  • They do not know how to break through fear to illuminate health and accomplish what is important to them.
  • They are stuck in a rut and wondering why they keep getting the same results. If you’re in this limiting space, learn the secret to change the unwanted and let life carry you rather you carry it!


    Readiness Survey:



    As you ask yourself these questions, pay close attention to your feelings as that is where your true answer comes from.  Do you have a light good feeling when answering or a heavy bad or not so sure feeling?

    1)  Do I want to wake up each morning excited to start my day with energy and purpose?  


    2)  Do I focus a lot of my energy, on fighting the old instead of on building the new?


    3)  Ask yourself, am I creating the life I truly want?


    4)  Do I want to take back my POWER from my thought-conditioning and unproductive habits?


    5)  Do I want to watch my obstacles move out of my way?


    6)  Do I agree, that my life is not permanent, I am not stuck, and I am allowed to grow and change?


    7)  Do I agree that Change starts with my thoughts and behavior?


    8)  Do I want more order and less chaos in my mind?


    9)  When was the last time I invested in myself?


    10) Do I want: Mastery of my thoughts? Power of Calmness? Strength of self-control?


    11) Do I want to be in a completely different space 6 months from now mentally, spiritually, physically & financially?


    12) Do I want to show up, right now, as my best self, most brilliant, most creative expression of myself?