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Donna Laitinen

Today, I chose to do battle to reclaim my power from my mental conditioning from people in my life and society.  I encourage you to consider how you can access and activate your natural gifts, so you can focus on your desired goals and pursue these with strength and conviction.  My spiritual breakdown was my spiritual breakthrough.  My purpose is to awaken compassion in our world.  I do this through my work as an author, behavior change specialist, professional speaker.  My natural gift of bridging the disconnect in society is by cultivating conscious awareness through coaching modern mindfulness and creative energy thinking. My passion working as a LiveStrong coach with cancer survivors, and neurodivergent and developmentally challenged individuals invites hope and real help creating a more inclusive unified world.

Love the journey, not just the destination

I am dedicated to creating a wiser and kinder world by making transformational education widely available, such as mindfulness, emotional awareness and self-compassion regardless of financial, social or physical challenges.

In my chapter Faith Vs. Fear, I share a very personal experience when my son came to me wishing for disease to take his life and the magnificent unfolding when one chooses Faith over Fear.  It allowed me to show up for my son in a way I never thought possible.  I found this light in me, it was like a chandelier that I could turn up brighter and brighter, and I was able to show up as the mother my son need, in a way that he could overcome and conquer!  It is beautiful, magical and lifesaving.

 I also wrote a chapter named Forgiving My Molester; How to achieve mental and emotional freedom after any trauma.  Both are published with the Wellness Universe Complete Guide to Self-Care.  I am currently working on an Unconventional Guide for Parents with Children on the Autism Spectrum.  Cultivating creative energy thinking, finding solutions to challenges in the extraordinary journey.   I was asked to write this.  I have fallen in love with this journey, and I am literally watching my purpose take root.



My Natural Gift

I help people who are ready to make a shift in their thinking.  For over a decade, I have been guiding hundreds of people to substitute unwanted/negative habits of thinking and acting to positive ways of thinking and taking action to experience more vitality, ease and comfort in life gaining confidence to make decisions in alignment with long term well-being and joy.

My approach is based on behavior changing and spiritual energy connections, in which I help people to heal, recognize and be inspired to take action.

I personalize energy healing systems, allowing for self-discovery, awareness, and consciousness to reconnect to your inner being and higher power.



Professional Experience:

  • Behavior Change Specialist, Certified with the International Coaches Federation
  • Meditation, Stress-Reduction and Relaxation Coach, AAAISMA
  • LiveStrong Certified Trainer, YMCA, training/support individuals with cancer.
  • Coach neurodivergent and developmental challenged individuals.
  • Yoga Certified
  • Personal Fitness Trainer, ACE Certified
  • AdaptX Certified
  • Associates Degree in Exercise Science
  • Reiki Healing
  • Volunteer, as a Meditation/Relaxion/Stress-Reduction coach for Autism Support Groups