Evoke Change Center

Many People…

  • Have trouble letting down their DEFENSE SHIELDS
  • Feel EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE or unexpressive
  • They have triggers that invoke past memories that keep being RETRAUMIZED
  • They don’t know why they connect or disconnect with themselves or others

People continue to battle to reclaim their power from poor mental conditioning and unproductive habits.

People struggle with laying their burdens down and raising their voice.

They do not know how to break through fear to illuminate health and accomplish what is important to them.

They are stuck in a rut and wondering why they keep getting the same results.

 If you’re in this limiting space, learn the secret to change the unwanted and let life carry you rather you carry it!








Master Talk: The Highest Frequencies of Love

I am a positivity influencer.  For over a decade, I have been guiding hundreds of people to access and activate their natural gifts to experience more positive ways of thinking and acting inviting more vitality, ease and comfort in life gaining confidence to make decisions in alignment with long term well-being and joy. I do this through speaking and educating on how to magnify your mind with modern mindfulness, emotional awareness, and self-compassion bridging the connection to oneself and all the collective mixtures in our world, serving adults and children and families. 

Available for summits, conferences, seminars, schools, organizations, Autism awareness events

Corporate Wellness: 

We provide companies of all sizes with an opportunity to truly implement positive change for the long term in a safe space.  We are committed to creating a wiser and kinder work environment by making transformational education widely available.  We want everyone to have access to transformational tools such as mindfulness, emotional awareness and self-compassion.

Work on yourself, before you go to work for anyone else.


Speaking Topics:

  • How to operate daily on an optimal mental level; Achieving mental strength
  • Personal and Professional Resilience in the workplace; Bouncing back
  • How to overcome negativity in the workplace; Mindful Intention
  • Fostering inclusion in the workplace; Connectivity
  • Forward Vision Thinking and be positive in the workplace.
  • Magnify your Mind, Ignite an epic mindset at work
  • Calmness is the new superpower; Meditation, Conscious Breathing
  • Self-Discipline and focus on the solution; Master of my Thoughts
  • Find your Hidden Potential; Let your inner dog out
  • Unlock your Higher Faculties; Massive potential professionally and personally
  • Emotional Intelligence; Awareness to manage your emotions in work & personally

Burnout to Burn bright; Relaxation, stress reduction strategies from work



Joint Ventures:


We are always looking for joint ventures to make a difference to positively influence and eminent change through awareness and compassion globally.

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